Stephanie Kenyon


Matrix Legal Services is jointly led by Stephanie Kenyon GCILEx, a qualified legal executive with many years of experience in criminal work, particularly in relation to PoCA and Confiscation matters.

Stephanie qualified as a Chartered Legal Executive in 2005 and has headed up the Crown Court department for firms of solicitors in the South of England for a number of years. She specialises in serious criminal cases and over the years, has gained a specialist knowledge of Proceeds of Crime matters and Confiscation proceedings.

She joined the forensic accounting team at Matrix in 2013 and has been actively involved in complex cases in the criminal field. Stephanie is able to provide a clear insight into the legal aspects of criminal cases and provides guidance on all aspects of the PoCA cases in which the firm is involved in.

As an independent Solicitors Agent, Stephanie can provide invaluable support in all aspects of criminal case work, particularly the more serious cases before the Crown Court. She is able to interview clients and witnesses, provide concise and accurate section 9 statements and Proofs of Evidence, instruct Counsel, and liaise with the Court, Crown Prosecution Service, Police, Probation, and any other party involved.

In PoCA cases, she can take full instructions in order to prepare the initial S18 Financial Statement including the correlation of supporting documents, consider the section 17 Response and prepare the S16 defence Response accordingly. In most cases, Stephanie is able to negotiate successfully with the financial officers and the Prosecutor to reach an agreement as to the figures to be ordered in confiscation.