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A handwriting expert should have a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree and have undergone an extensive training programme to become an expert, ideally within a laboratory-based team of experts.

A handwriting expert should also have been trained as a questioned document examiner in the areas of paper and ink comparisons, identification of printing methods, modern office technology (inkjet printers, laser printers, photocopy documents), altered and forged documents, dating of documents and sequencing of entries.

Our handwriting experts are trained forensic document examiners with many years of experience at producing handwriting reports and all aspects of questioned documents evidence for courts.

Their processes are scientific, reproducible, auditable and credible. They do not carry out personality profiling.

Our forensic handwriting experts

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Melanie Pugh

What is a forensic handwriting expert?

A Forensic Handwriting Expert is a person who has specialised knowledge in handwriting analysis. This expert can examine and compare handwriting samples to determine whether they were written by the same person. The expert may also be called upon to authenticate documents and signatures or to assess the age and style of a writing sample. Additionally, a forensic handwriting expert may be asked to testify in court, providing expert evidence on matters related to handwriting and documents. 

When is a forensic handwriting expert needed?

A forensic handwriting expert may be needed in a variety of situations, such as to compare known samples of handwriting to a document in question, to identify whether a document has been forged or altered, or to provide evidence in a criminal trial. These experts can also be called upon to examine documents for evidence of fraud or deception. Additionally, handwriting experts can be used to authenticate signatures or other documents.

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