Samuel Evans

Chief clinical and forensic photographer

  • Forensic imaging 3D and 2D.

  • Cross polarised, UV & IR imaging.

  • Imaging for bruising analysis specifically in bite marks and patterned injuries.

  • Image enhancement techniques for forensic analysis.

  • Specialties: Imaging in patterned injuries, forensic dentistry and bruises and burns.

  • Clinical and forensic photography

  • Research in 3D forensic imaging, image enhancement techniques and cross polarization.

  • Forensic image capture, image preparation and enhancement for analysis

  • Day to day management of department

  • Responsible for quality assurance and delivery of photographic service

  • Development of departmental strategies and goalsDevelopment and management of local protocols and procedures

  • Management of departmental I.T systems and the departmental digital image workflow system

  • Departmental procurement responsibilities


3D imaging in forensic odontology

Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine June 12, 2010

This paper describes the investigation of a new 3D capture method for acquiring and subsequent forensic analysis of bite mark injuries on human skin. When documenting bitemarks with standard 2D cameras errors in photographic technique can occur if best practice is not followed. Subsequent forensic analysis of the mark is problematic when a 3D structure is recorded into a 2D space.