Working for the Prosecution brings many challenges, not in the least understanding the evidential issues arising from the case.

We are experienced in providing assistance to the Police and other prosecuting authorities in respect of accounting and other financial issues in the lead up to prosecution. With a broad range of practice and commercial experience, we are able to direct the prosecution authorities to those areas which matter in the resolution of the case.

Using our forensic accounting expertise, we can help to trace and locate key financial evidence, covering everything from simple employee theft of relatively small sums to multi-million pound high-profile offences of fraudulent trading, deception and tax evasion.

Prosecution experience

Assisting in the prosecution of the directors of a group of companies involved in an estimated £20m fraud relating to foreign exchange transactions;

the laundering of money from the sale of drugs through a web of limited companies;

carousel fraud (Missing Trader or MTIC) in relation to the importation of mobile phones.

We have also assisted in cases that involve living off the proceeds of drugs crime.

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