David Goodwin

Fingerprint Expert & Owner of Fingerprint Associates Ltd

David is the former Head of Fingerprint Services for Northamptonshire Police and he has managed a Fingerprint Bureau with 20 professional members of staff with a range of specialisms and with a budget of £650,000 per year.

He has represented Northamptonshire Police on Local, Regional and National Working Groups and has presented on the subject of Fingerprints and Fingerprint Technologies both at locations in the U.K. and as far away as Beijing, China.

Commendations and Awards

UK Register of Fingerprint Experts – No. 568

1993 – Chief Constables Commendation

1996 – Assistant Chief Constables Commendation

1997 – Chief Constables Commendation

2004 – Long Service Award

Fingerprint Associates Ltd

With over 65 years combined fingerprint expertise within the Company they provide both the private and the public sectors with independent advice on anything to do with fingerprints.

They now have a chemical development facility enabling them to undertake the treatment of both porous and non porous items to raise fingermarks and to assist in any identification process.

Other services include:

  • Legally funded defence work

  • Immigration disputes

  • Bespoke staffing solutions for fingerprint bureaux and AFIS providers

  • Civil cases

  • International Electoral Consultancy


  • Legally funded defence work, Immigration disputes,

  • Bespoke staffing solutions for fingerprint bureaux and AFIS providers,

  • Civil cases,

  • International Electoral Consultancy,

  • Fingerprint Chemical Development