Jeff Turner

Dangerous Dog Assessor

Jeff was a police officer for 37 years retiring in July 2012. He was a professional dog handler for 25 years and worked 4 dogs. He competed in regional dog trials and organised the 44th National Dog Trials in 2004. He spent 3 years on a dedicated unit that specialised in examining dogs to establish if they were prohibited under the dangerous dogs act and for welfare. His experience of Pit Bull dogs started back to 1978.

He has attended dangerous dog seminars receiving presentations from experts from forensic veterinary surgeons, the RSPCA and animal charities such as Battersea Dogs Home. He went on to assist with the running of dangerous dog seminars, giving presentations on dangerous dog legislation and on examining Pit Bull type dogs.

He regularly attended the RSPCA Harmsworth Animal Hospital and local authority dog pounds in North East London to examine dogs that had been seized as strays and dogs that had been cruelly treated.

He has an excellent knowledge of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and was active in stopping cruelty to dogs, educating the owners as to the needs of their dogs and the owner’s responsibilities. On his retirement the Head of Inspectorate of the RSPCA presented Jeff with a certificate of appreciation for his dedication to animal welfare particularly dogs and for his assistance given to the society.

He has been involved in high profile cases, including the case of a male jogger who was attacked by 2 American Bull dogs and a cross bred bull breed dog on a Sunday morning in August 2010 where the dog attack rendered the male unconscious. And in March 2012 where a Pit Bull dog named ‘Poison’ attacked and hospitalised 4 London Police Officers

He has given evidence in dangerous dog cases at Magistrates and Crown Courts including the Central Criminal Court (The Old Bailey), and at Magistrates Court in cases of animal welfare.

He provides a thorough reliable professional service. All reports include photographs of the dog, and the dog’s temperament. Jeff lives in Norfolk but travels all over the United Kingdom

R v Helton BUSHATI August 2010 London. Three dogs (2 American Bull Dogs and a cross bull breed dog) attacked a male jogger in an East London Park. The attack was so ferocious the male was stripped of his clothing and was rendered unconscious.

R v Simeon ROBINSON March 2012 London. A Pit Bull dog named ‘Poison’ that attacked and hospitalised 4 Police Officers.

R v Lee WRIGHT February 2014 Lancashire. The dog named ‘Snoop’ that was responsible for the tragic death of 11 month old baby Ava-Jane Corless.

R v Elena BUTTERFIELD February 2014 London. The dog named ‘Louis’ who was alleged to have been dangerously out of control whereby a Police horse was injured.

R v Elwyn JONES November 2015 Neath, Port Talbot, South Wales. It was alleged that the dog named ‘Deano’ was dangerously out of control in a public place and a postal worker refused to deliver mail to the rural area.