Melanie Pugh

Forensic Handwriting Expert and Questioned Documents Examiner at Questioned Documents Service Ltd

Melanie has been a practising forensic scientist since 1998, carrying out scene and laboratory examinations, producing reports and statements, and presenting her findings in court as an expert witness.

She has worked on a wide range of case types including murder, sexually motivated crime, fraud and cases involving national security She has given expert evidence in Magistrates, Coroners and Crown courts on numerous occasions both in the UK and overseas. Melanie has reported various evidence types and specialises in several analytical techniques and interpretation in relation to Questioned Documents casework.

She has trained other scientists, police and scenes of crime personnel in various aspects of forensic work both for UK and overseas laboratories and have been actively involved in mentoring less experienced members of staff. She has developed good working relationships with police officers and has received positive feedback, including commendations, on several occasions.